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How many videos is your company distributing each month? Whatever that number is you’re probably not getting enough content out there. So why aren’t you having more made? Because it’s crazy expensive!

Not every video you create has to be produced by a professional video production company. GLP are now going into businesses just like yours and providing 1-day training sessions that will have your marketing teams shooting video like a boss.

We’ll show you how to capture professional looking video from a smartphone or action camera by showing you exact settings and accessories to make it look good and sound great. We’ll also show you the best composition techniques to elevate the look of your videos and also break down the best approach to planning a video and making sure you come across great on camera.

Our one-day course will show your staff how to quickly create high quality video content on a smartphone or action camera that’s ideal for;

  • Posting to social
  • Internal comms
  • Introductions to new contacts/ clients
  • Company newsletters

Download our training outline PDF below and get in touch with one of the team about booking a course!

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