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Video Editing Services

Do not underestimate the power of editing and the impact it can have on your video. There are so many different ways that rushes can be assembled and our team, at Giant Leap Productions, pride themselves on approaching every editing job with respect for the material and a clear understanding of the video goal.

We have multiple edit suites to post-produce content in house but are equally happy to work on site. When are fully equipped to edit in house, ensuring footage can be played back smoothly in Adobe Premiere Pro as well as professional monitoring options for grading.

Our team is fully versed in digitising and optimising video content for both online and offline editing as well as encoding locked edits in different formats. We also have immense experience in finishing video projects for online streaming and creating broadcast standard masters for playback in both PAL and NTSC territories.

We often take full creative control with 1st draft edits, from our own acquired footage, or provided rushes. If there are very specific content requirements, we can provide time-coded rushes for clients to watch and create paper edits for us to work from. Just let us know what best works for you and we’ll make it happen.

Our editing services include:

  • Paper Edits
  • Creative Editing
  • Time-coded Rushes on DVD/ Blu-Ray
  • Grading
  • Online/ Offline
  • Raid Data Storage
  • Full HD Monitoring
  • Portable Edit Station

Script Development Services

Every good film starts with a strong script.

Even though it can be tempting to simply shoot an improvisational video, you will sometimes find that the final result is different to what you’d initially envisioned. A script that at least covers the basics will provide you with a good structure to fall back on. A good script will also save you time and money…which is never a bad thing!

When a client decides a script is the correct starting place, we will book a short meeting in order to plan out key points that the film has to get across. This is also a great opportunity to identify any useful bits of marketing collateral that we can use for reference, ensuring the voice of the script is in sync with any existing content.

After a meeting, we will prepare a 1st draft of the script, send it off for approval and await feedback. Feedback will be noted, and a new draft of the script will be prepared. Once the script has been signed off, we’re then ready to move on to the shoot.

Our Script Development services include:

  • Industry standard formatting using specialist software
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Minimum of 1 round of amends
  • Drafts of scripts (PDF format)

Storyboard Design Services

Storyboards are a series of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a video, animation or motion graphic. Development of storyboards often take place after a concept or script has been created to visually tell the story panel by panel.

Storyboards allow you to plan out your video shot by shot and get an idea of how those shots will fit together before the camera rolls, making them exceptionally beneficial.

Our Storyboard Design services include:

  • Show what characters are in the frame and how they are moving
  • Illustrate the setting of the video
  • Inform what props are required in each scene
  • Show where the camera is in a scene
  • Display whether the camera is static or moving


If you’re looking for a dynamic way to show activities that take place over a long period of time, time-lapse photography is what you need. It allows you to convert a large amount of content into a short, seamless video. The video will be displayed in a sped-up format and is usually used when there is a lot of activity to film but only a short video is needed to get the message across. At Giant Leap Productions, we are fully equipped for time-lapse video production, offering single or multiple camera coverage and live monitoring via 3G/4G, if required.

Screen Recording Services

With our professional screen casting software, we can capture the contents of your entire website or Apple iPhone/ iPad to create incredible edited screencasts. Screen recording services are a great way to showcase desktop software, provide website walkthrough guides for customers and advertise Apple iPhone and iPad apps.

The finished result is video content that is ready to be integrated into an advert or training video to distribute via your website, blog or television broadcast. Should you wish to mail out hard copies we can also create a fully branded BluRay for you. The choice is yours!

If you know what you’re looking for, hit the get a quote button below and fill out our form. For general enquiries, fill out the contact form. 

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