At Giant Leap we specialise in producing video content for businesses operating in both the private and public sector. We can do the whole production from start to finish or alternately jump on to whatever part of the process you need assistance with.

We have over 10 years’ experience of creating a diverse range of promotional and training video content for online and television broadcast and whether we’re shooting run and gun style in a mine under the North Sea or working on a tightly scheduled shoot with a brand ambassador, we put everything we’ve got into getting the job done.

We’ve produced content for some awesome brands and every job we do is different. It might be that we need to work with a specific idea a client has in mind whereas other times we need to pitch a whole concept that will communicate our client’s idea in an engaging way.

Sometimes it hectic, sometimes it’s pressured but we always get a buzz from it. We wouldn’t do it otherwise.




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