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Want video for your social channels? We can create content that is perfect for you to stream on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We can create your social media video content from scratch or even adapt your existing videos to work by streamlining run time, adding calls to action as well as closed captions so people can still engage with their volume turned down.

RapidVid | Fixed price packages for all your social media video needs!

RapidVid is a fixed price video product created by Giant Leap Productions and is aimed at companies looking for a super affordable way to enhance their social media campaigns through the use of video content.

Video is a much more effective tool in capturing someone’s attention than simply words on a page and will help get you the engagement and generate the leads you’re looking for. RapidVid is a low cost option for a company to create lots of video content in one half day studio sitting that will feed your social media campaigns for a substantial period of time.

All shoots take place in our fully sound proof studio in West Yorkshire and include crew, HD camera, audio, lighting and editing. Take a look at the package outline and available add-ons below and get in touch via the contact form to make your booking.

Pricing plans

950 £
  • ex VAT
  • RapidVid Package
    • 3 hour studio shoot with 1 camera
    • Filmed against a colorama
    • 1 shoot will provide you with lots of individual 10-60 sec videos
    • Logo & text overlays
    • Addition of up to 10 supplied photos
    • Final edit provided in HD and web ready format
200 £
  • ex VAT
  • Add a Presenter
    • Starting at £200 ex VAT
    • In-house presenters available
    • We can cast for a specific presenter for your content
100 £
  • ex VAT
  • Add Subtitles
    • Subtitles/ closed captions provided for each video
    • Subtitles provided as an SRT file or overlaid on your videos
    • Up to 3 minutes of subtitling
    • Easy to upload to social media posts

Social Media Package

If you’re ready to take your social media to the next level or want to know more about our social media packages, get in touch via our contact form or call us on 01924 918736.

650 £
  • ex VAT
  • Social Media Package
    • Starting from £650 ex VAT
    • Video content created from scratch
    • CTAs (call to action)
    • Closed captions
    • Animations (if required)
    • HD and web ready format

YouTubeYouTube ChannelChannel ManagementManagement

Don’t underestimate the power of YouTube!

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms and the second biggest search engine, behind Google. YouTube is more than just a video platform, it’s a social media platform that thrives on engagement. YouTube is used to start conversations, attract followers, engage with people and drive customers to your website.

A YouTube channel, like other social media platforms, is a place where your followers and subscribers will expect new content, consistently. At Giant Leap Productions, we have all the knowledge and experience to manage your channel, allowing you to get the most ‘bang for buck’ out of your video content.

350 £
  • ex VAT
  • YouTube Channel Startup Package
    • Initial channel setup
    • Custom Channel Artwork
    • Optimisation for mobile, desktop and TV
    • Social Media & Website Links
    • Custom card creation
    • 2 video uploads
    • Titling, description and tags
    • CTAs (call to action)
    • Discounts for bulk video uploads


50 £
  • ex VAT
  • Video Upload
  • We will upload your video to your YouTube channel and add a title, description, tags, 2 cards and 2 annotations.
25 £
  • ex VAT
  • Bulk Video Upload
  • A minimum order of 10 videos

    We will upload your video to your YouTube channel and add a title, description, tags, 2 cards, 2 annotations and an end board for each one.

  • ex VAT
  • Custom End Cards
  • We can shoot and post-produce a totally custom end card for your YouTube video. End cards are a fun and dynamic way to engage with your audience, encouraging them to click through to see other videos or visit your website.

The Perfect Crop

We can shoot and crop your video for optimum playback on your chosen platform. Tailoring your videos to recommended dimensions will yield better results when it comes to views and calls to action.

The majority of videos shot today are captured in 16:9 (widescreen) and watching video like this feels normal to us as we’re used to watching content in that form on TV every day. It’s great to post videos to YouTube or your homepage like this but if you’re posting to a social media feed like this your video won’t stand out as much to people scrolling through their feed.

If you’re creating a video specifically for Facebook or Instagram, design for mobile first. Vertical video (formats 4:5, 2:3, and 9:16) can be most engaging, since most people hold their phone upright.

Captions will get the message across when your audience has their sound off

Captions are an essential addition to any video. Not only does this make sure people who are hearing impaired can enjoy your content, it also means you will capture the attention of people scrolling through their feed with the sound off.

We are able to provide captions in whatever file type you need for upload to your video hosting and social platforms (.srt, .vtt, .cap etc) or alternately we are able to burn your captions directly in the video meaning they’re always on.


Animated GIFs will spice up a post or newsletter

You’ll probably have noticed that animated GIFs are cropping up more and more in social media posts in your feed and the marketing emails and messages you receive. They’re a great way to draw the eye to your content. They’re short in duration, usually operating on a 5 second loop and are far more interesting than a simple still.  We will often create a number of animated GIFs from the full length videos we make to give our clients extra value out of the content we make for them.

For a detailed quote regarding our social media packages, and to access our pricing plans, please fill out our quote form.

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