Video Services

Video Services

We offer video services for both independents and corporates.

Whether you’re looking for storyboards or distribution of fully edited video content, Giant Leap Productions can help you grow and nurture an idea or provide top specialist support in any stage of production.  In order to find out more information around specific services we offer please browse the navigation bar.  If you’d like to talk through an enquiry simply send us your details via our online contact form for a no obligation call back from one of our video specialists.


Every good film starts with a strong script and even though it can be tempting to merely shoot an improvisational video you will likely find that the final result is not something you are overly proud of. Having a script that at least covers the basics is critical so that you have a good structure to fall back on. A good script will save you time and money, which is never a bad thing. All of our scripts are written in Final Draft. This is screen writing software that was specifically developed for writing and formatting a screenplay to meet the screenplay submission standards set by the theatre and film industry. Any scripts we develop will always be sent out to clients in pdf format for review in advance of a shoot.


Storyboards are graphic organizers such as a series of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a video, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence. Development of storyboards will most often take place after a concept or script has been created for a project and will function to visually tell the story panel by panel. Our storyboards often relay information such as;

  • What characters are in the frame and how they are moving
  • The setting of the video
  • What props are present in the frame
  • Where the camera is in a scene and whether it is static or moving

The benefits of using storyboards are that they allow you to plan out your video shot by shot and get an idea of how those shots will fit together before the camera rolls. Storyboards also help on the day of shooting as having visual references allow for quicker set ups that are closer to the original vision than if they were working from written instructions.


We offer a broad range of filming options for our clients. This starts at a single operator with a digital camcorder and can go all the way through to a fully crewed shoot on 35mm film. We make sure our productions are tailored to meet clients requirements and their budgets without sacrificing quality.

  • HD and 4K Camera Kits
  • Budget In-House Kit Options
  • Full Catalogue Of Lighting & Grip Gear
  • Database Of U.K-Based Actors
  • Single Eng Operators
  • Large-Scale Crewed Shoots

We have a great deal of equipment in house which enables us to move quickly on projects as well as to create extremely flexible shooting schedules but if you have bespoke needs then we are able to broker in specialist crew and kit for productions.


99% of our productions will inevitably require music tracks and we currently offer two options to our clients. Our longest running option (and one we have used since inception of the company) is to purchase licenses to tracks via Audio Network‘s production library. They currently offer 62328 high quality stock music tracks for TV, film, advertising and corporate video with prices starting at £100.00 per track. Our other, more recently developed option, is to create totally bespoke music tracks in-house for clients through our experienced music creatives. We were excited to launch this service with two tracks written exclusively for use with three videos we produced for Vauxhall’s online digital magazine, V-zine.


With our professional screencasting software we can capture the contents of your entire website allowing us to create incredible edited screencasts in no time. The finished result is a QuickTime or Windows Media movie, ready for publishing to your website or blog. Should you wish to mail out hard copies we can also create a fully branded DVD for you. The choice is yours.


The power of editing and the impact it can have on the success or failure of a video or film is incredible. There are so many different ways that rushes can be assembled and we pride ourselves on approaching every editing job with a respect for the material and a clear understanding of what is required from the final product.

We feel confident in our ability to produce high quality video edits and this has been further reinforced by the success of projects we have produced. Our editing work has screened internationally in established competitions such as Branchage International Film Festival in Jersey, The Stepping Stone Film Festival in India, Leeds International Film Festival, Bradford International Film Festival and Shuffle Festival.

We have facilities to edit video content in house on a fully loaded Mac Pro with professional software but we are just as comfortable working on location for companies. When editing from our premises we have all the gear to make sure footage can be played back smoothly in Final Cut Pro as well as professional monitoring options for grading.

  • Paper Edits
  • Creative Editing
  • Time-coded Rushes on DVD/ Blu-Ray
  • Grading
  • Online/ Offline
  • Raid Data Storage
  • Full HD Monitoring
  • Portable Edit Station

We are fully versed in digitising and optimising video content for both online and offline editing as well as encoding locked edits to many different formats. We also have vast experience in finishing video projects for streaming online via QuickTime/ Flash right through to creating broadcast standard masters for playback in both PAL and NTSC territories.

We provide many different post-production services to clients all over the United Kingdom as well as abroad and over a broad range of project support services. We can handle full creative edits from our own acquired footage/ provided rushes as well as encoding rushes to time-coded DVDs for clients to watch and create paper edits for us to work from.


We are fully versed in producing top notch motion effects and are familiar with a number of software packages that allow us to create 2D and 3D effects, track footage for compositing work and combine all these elements to help create stunning video projects.