Using Video for Your Business During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The world is a pretty scary place right now. We're looking into the unknown, worrying about the continued health of our loved ones and trying to figure out how we will continue to bring in an income that will support our families, staff and contractors.

At Giant Leap these events have affected our pipeline work and even jobs we're part way through pre-production on. This has resulted in delaying production or in some instances, modifying the approach. Some of our clients are now prioritising animation over live action filming, wanting to look into live streaming or asking us to shoot their videos without them needing to be on location with us.

Below are a list of options video production companies should be looking at to assist you with your communications and training at this difficult time. If you're not currently looking to use a video production company or freelancer to create your videos and want to film and edit your own content check out our free guide to making your own video content which can be downloaded from the link below.
Live Stream Your Content
Large scale events with huge attendance are out of the window for now but it doesn't mean you can't reach a large audience of viewers at the same time, it just needs to be online. We can film, live edit and stream your content on location or you or your presenters can visit our acoustically treated studio in West Yorkshire. We can take care of everything including streaming via your preferred outlet (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo).

Quick Turnaround Video
Our team can pull together videos in super quick time. We can film your staff or customers on location or at our studio in West Yorkshire and get you an edit over by close of play the following day. If it's not possible for you or your customers to be filmed in person we can take care of everything at our end by using local presenters, actors or a combination of cutaways and motion text/ captions.

If it's not possible to get people in front of a camera we can create eye-catching 2D and 3D animation to get your key messages across in an engaging way.

Re-purposing Old Footage
A number of our clients are regular customers and we will often dip into our archives to use existing footage as part of a new video project. We keep all recorded footage on file (and backed up) in its original untouched format. This allows us to easily un-archive this content and re-purpose it without issues such as overlaid graphics or music tracks that can no longer be removed.

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Vide Production and Covid-10

Using Video for Your Business During the Covid-19 Outbreak

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