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GLP Tips & Tricks. Having a Film Crew at Your Premises

Inviting a Film Crew into Your Offices or Factory.

Seeing your premises forming part of a promo or training video can give you and immense sense of pride but it can also leave you tearing your hair out if there is something caught on camera that you don’t want your colleagues, customers or competitors to see. Check out some tips and guidance on key things to check before the cameras roll below.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure you have a space set aside for the crew to set up their equipment and leave bags, valuables etc.

  • This will allow the film crew to get set up nice and quickly and help to work as efficiently as possible.

Make sure everyone at your premises is aware in advance that filming will be taking place on the booked shoot date

  • It’s important to make sure everyone who will be captured on camera is comfortable with being in the film and knows when it will be happening. Nobody enjoys having things sprung on them at the last minute and if they have advanced warning they’ll have been able to make sure they’ve come in looking the best and have everything they need for their “role”.

Make sure all branding is up to date and everywhere is tidy before the crew arrive

  • The last thing you want to see when you watch the 1st draft of your film is things that shouldn’t have ever been committed to film. Having to take out shots that have old branding in or look messy can really impact on your film and re-shoots to fix these problems will increase the budget of your video. This needs to be checked in advance of filming and not dealt with on the day as you’ll end up with a film crew sat waiting around not shooting while you run around trying to put out fires!

Make sure you check your employees schedules against our shooting schedule

  • We’ll have a call sheet with a schedule for the day so it’s important everyone is ready and waiting when we get there to setup and roll camera! If the crew arrive for that scene and the relevant people are on a break or have gone home it will mean we go behind schedule or a shot has to be dropped completely.

Have a dedicated team member who will be responsible for working with the crew on the shoot day

  • This is such an important thing to have in place. You want to get the most out of your shoot day and to make sure everything is captured correctly. Appointing one person with the responsibility of liaising with and supporting the film crew will make a shoot day run smoother, ensure the best content is captured and make sure no time is wasted. A good film crew will know their job roles inside out, but they won’t know your processes and procedures like you do. The collaboration between film crew and client is an essential component to making a top notch film.

If you have an employee uniform, make sure everyone is wearing it!

  • Having some people in company uniform and some in their own attire will be really distracting for the viewer. Make sure everyone has up to date branded wear or if you can’t do that, make sure to keep people without a uniform out of the shot!

If we’re filming a process, make sure every person in the shot is using the required PPE.

  • This is an absolute no brainer, regardless of whether a camera is rolling or not. It will make you look bad to existing customers and potential new customers as well as providing a weak spot that your competitors can exploit.

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