Every good film starts with a strong script. Even though it can be tempting to merely shoot an improvisational video you will sometimes find that the final result is different to what you'd initially had inside your head. Having a script that at least covers the basics will provide you with a good structure to fall back on and a good script will save you time and money... which is never a bad thing.

All of our scripts are written in Final Draft by our Creative Director, Nick Padley. This is professional screen writing software that was specifically developed for writing and formatting a screenplay in order to meet with the screenplay submission standards set by the theatre and film industry. Nick has a broad range of experience of writing screenplays for both corporate and the entertainment industry and has been nominated for screenplay awards by some great film festivals including the Academy Award and BAFTA qualifying Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Script Development

  • Industry standard formatting using specialist software
  • 1 page equals roughly 1 minute of screen time
  • Initial meeting is scheduled to discuss outline
  • Every scriptwriting budget includes at least 1x round of amends
  • Drafts of scripts are always sent out in PDF format