New RapidVid production for Mobilife

We’ve had a fantastic amount of interest in our new 'RapidVid' video package since it's launch last month. This particular example was filmed specifically for Mobilife to use on the front page of their website and helsp give a clear overview of the business and the products they offer. Mobilife are a UK based company with premises in South Yorkshire so they were able to pop down for the filming after having provided us with a script in advance. We used our in-house presenter Ellie for this particular video package but other packages allow the client to do the presenting themselves and if you don't have the time to get to studio an alternative option is just to send us your product and script we’ll film the whole video and send you the final film to proof. All this was achieved with just a couple of hours of filming and the editing took place on same afternoon. RapidVid is a super fast turn around production which means the client gets the video almost instantly and at a fantastic price.


Still from Mobilife UK promotional video

New RapidVid Production for Mobilife

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