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Giant Leap Productions

Our Film Production Team

Nick Padley
Creative Director

Specialisms | Concept development, pitching, scriptwriting, directing.

Favourite film | Mad Max 2 (I’m old!).

Current television | Succession.

When I’m not at work | Family, cycling, late-night gaming with my school pals.

Favourite thing(s) | There are too many to mention.

Ellie Padley
Senior Producer

Specialisms | Budgeting, talent acquisition, client liaising, project management. 

Favourite film | A toss-up between The Bourne Ultimatum and Dirty Dancing. 

Current television | Strictly! 

When I’m not at work | Pornstar Martini please! 

Favourite thing(s) | I’m super grateful for family, friends, and my wine fridge ?.

Max Blakeley
Producer / Videographer

Specialisms – Pitching, scriptwriting, client liaising, photography. 

Favourite film | Boogie Nights. 

Current television | Breaking Bad or Mindhunter. 

When I’m not at work | The great outdoors (cycling, hiking, or climbing), photography, and writing. 

Favourite thing(s) | Lemon Meringue Pie.

Georgia Johnstone
Marketing Manager

Specialisms | WordPress, Shopify, social media,  

Favourite film | Shrek 

Current television | Euphoria 

When I’m not at work | Dancing & partying 

Favourite thing(s) | A lie in!

Rafi Siraj

Specialisms – Premiere, grading, sound design, live switching. 

Favourite film | Anything horror – Hereditary or any of the Barbie Movies. 

Current television | My favourite tv HAS to be Direct Store TV, catch us every day from 8am – 10pm on Sky Channel 680… 

When I’m not at work | You’ll find me cooking, gaming, and writing films with Max. 

My favourite thing(s) | The smell of petrol, fine wines, anime, and dogs.

Paul Holt
2D & 3D Animator

Specialisms – Cinema 4D, digital storyboarding, character creation, CAD. 

Favourite film | This is a tough one as I really enjoy a wide range of films, however a recent stand out for me was 2020s Dune.  

Current television | Arcane on Netflix

When I’m not at work | I am avid outdoorsmen, who enjoys the wilds. This includes: mountaineering, kayaking, rock climbing and even a spot of axe throwing when the mood takes me.

My favourite thing(s) | The twin pair of axe throwing that me and my wife got for our wedding day (we had axe throwing as an activity for guests at our wedding)

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