• zeastwood-bloom:

    I’ve been experimenting with laser etching the back of acrylic mirror. #mirror #etch

    Love it.

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  • Testimonial

    "We've just had sign off this morning on all videos! I've never known all videos go through with so little amends. The client has said they are really pleased with the results, so a big thank you for all your help."

    Lee Penton, Stream Publishing

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    About Giant Leap Productions

    Giant Leap is a Yorkshire-based production studio that specialises in shooting, editing and distributing digital video. By combining experienced media professionals with high-end digital video technology, creative camera work and professional editing, Giant Leap will create an effective product that successfully delivers your message, on time and on budget.

    We offer a range of services from dvd duplication right through to complete video production packages that encompass concept development, filming as well as editing and distribution.

    We might be based in Leeds but our scope extends right across the U.K with film and video shoots often taking place in and around Sheffield, Manchester, Barnsley, Bradford, Birmingham, Bristol and London.

    We enjoy working in different parts of the U.K and the affordable price of our broadcast quality video services has made many clients choose our services over their local suppliers.

    To find out more from one of our video experts click here.

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